Kick off meeting. EMME Project starts!

Kick off meeting. EMME Project starts!

The official start date of the EMME project was January 1st , 2019. The kick off meeting was held on the 14th -15th of January 2019 in Florence, hosted by the project coordinator, Il Cenacolo.
All the partners participated actively in order to pland and schedule the main tasks, responsibilities and deadlines for the activities of each Work Package.

After a presentation of the meeting participants and a discussion about the main objectives and expected results, partners provided a presentation and an overview of their relevant projects and best practices in the field.

Since the beginning the project will involve actively companies at local level, so partners guided by Fondazione Adecco agreed on the most suitable way to promote and implement the project activities during the first semester.

The next project meeting will be held on the 20- 21 June 2019 in Glasgow, hosted by Bridges Programmes