3rd project meeting

3rd project meeting

11 months of activities to engage enterprises and to prepare migrants to enter the labour market.

The second project meeting was held on the 28th-29th of November in Almeria (ES), hosted by the partner Universidad de Almeria.

After an overview of the main results achieved during the first 11 months of activities, the partnership planned the activities to be implemented during the second project year.

As main deliverable of WP2, the leading partner Fondazione Adecco presented the EMME Guidelines on Diversity Management and gave to the partnerships tips and suggestions to continue to involve and engage enterprises in the project.

Bridges Programme, as leader of the Work Package 3, gave an overview of the Guidelines on Skills Mapping and partners presented the training activitities and feedback from the professionals involved at national level.

Universidad de Almeria and Rambla Business Solutions, respectively illustrated the main tasks of the following WP4 and WP5, which activities (training addressed to TCNs and placement support) will start in the next year.

In order to define the tasks and deadlines for the next semester partners discussed about:

  • the general and financial management of the project (Work Package 1)
  • the quality management and the evaluation products elaborated by the External Evaluator
  • the planning of the activities for the following WPs in each country
  • the promotion and dissemination activities (Work Package 6)