E.M.M.E. – Enterprises Meet Migrants for Employment

has been granted funding by the European Commission, DG Migration And Home Affairs from the Asylum, Migration And Integration Fund (AMIF). 

he project will last two years, from January 1st 2019 until December 31st 2020.

The promoter of the project is Cooperativa Sociale Il Cenacolo (IT) and the partners are:

CO&SO (IT), Fondazione Adecco (IT), Confcooperative (IT), Bridges Programmes (UK), Glasgow Clyde College (UK), Glasgow City Council (UK), Asociación Almeria Acoge (ES), RAMBLA Abogados y Asesores (ES), Universidad de Almeria (ES).

Aims of the Project

The E.M.M.E. project aims to

promote and foster the integration of migrants into the labour market, through the active involvement of companies. The project develops an approach based on the activity of local networks composed by key actors in the fields of:



of migrants



Support and


of companies

The approach will be tested in three local contexts: Italy, Scotland and Spain thanks to the involvement of a transnational partnership.

At Local Level

the networks will co-operate on the implementation of activities aimed at employers and companies, migrants and professionals working in the field of labour market integration, in order to:

› identify companies’ needs in terms of migrants’ entry into the labour market

› identify companies’ needs in terms of migrants’ entry into the labour market

› raise awareness and provide tools to manage integration and diversity in the workplace

› train professionals on common EU methodologies and innovative tools to provide skills assessment (e.g. EU Skills profile tool for Third Country Nationals)

› provide migrants with vocational training, based on companies’ needs, to prepare them for access to the labour market

› foster relevant matching between companies and migrants, through placement opportunities and post placement support

› recognise companies who are active in the integration of migrants and promote the initiative “Employers together for Integration of the European Commission

At European Level

The Project will involve:

› 100 companies through needs analysis, focus groups and training in diversity management

› 45 tutors (professionals working in the field of training and job insertion of migrants) trained in methodologies and tools to profile and assess skills

› 315 migrants will benefit from vocational and language courses and active job search training

› 100 migrants will be offered placement opportunities and post placement support in local companies involved in the project


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